Secret Participants


I was on the phone with my grandmother the other day – I will tell you about her sometime soon, she is quiet a character worth of a separate story… So I was on the phone with her, describing the new phenomenon that started surfacing up in my artwork – the shadow dwelling entities that are becoming a mysterious entourage to my human characters. Without hesitation grandma exclaimed: “Secret Participants!” (“Тайные Участники!”) as if she has met them before. I could not believe my ears – that’s it, now I know their name! Well, nice to meet you, my kind intruders! A few days ago, I looked at the recent polaroid shot – and there they were - present, floating, mumbling and going about their own creature business..

My recent painting Tic Toc (see below) captures three of them doing their secret participation business. If this piece was an animated loop – the one on the very left would be rocking his head from side to side and quietly saying: “Tic-toc-tic-toc-tic-toc..”

Tic Toc  oil on 18” x 12,5” panel

Tic Toc

oil on 18” x 12,5” panel

This painting will be a part of the Femme show by Juxtapoz Magazine and Spoke Art in New York. It is curated by Dasha Matsuura and opens on the 1st of March. Please email Spoke Art at for more information about the show.


Let your inner entities be inspiring!