Note From The Bunker

We only have one life – and there are two ways of living it. The most commonly exercised one is living outward. It includes all five senses – smelling, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting... The second way goes inward – towards the sixth sense. This way of living can be only experienced in solitude – in a vacuum of one’s own inner galaxy. Not many people practice this second way of living, but I am strongly convinced that both ways must go alongside, in parallel to each other, where the inward way of living makes the outward one more “customized” to one’s own specific nature of a unique individual, and therefore makes this outward living more meaningful, aware and deep. Being an artist means choosing the inward way of life as the main way of living it, with the act of creation being one of its main driving forces.

 Creating art makes me feel alive. I cannot imagine being anyone else, but an artist. I am drawn to metaphors and allegories, things that let me bypass the limitations of direct descriptions: “She felt sad...” vs. “She felt like a sinking pebble in the waters of a Northern river...” As you see, I am not that great of a writer, but you get the point :)

The language of painting and drawing is international. I used to write poems in Russian (even published a book when I was about sixteen) – all poetry was metaphor-driven to avoid directness, but... the poetry is impossible to translate... So painting became my poetry. This journal will be an intimate space (imagine a dark velvet room filled with books, curiosities, with floor pillows and candles), where I am going to share the notions of the creative journey within that happens in my studio, which is a Victorian underground, my favorite gothic bunker. Sometimes you will hear it in whispers, sometimes in loud giggles. Even though these notes will be shaped into the form of a monologued journal, I know that you, Reader, are somewhere out there, receiving my signals from the inner space. I will try my best to decode them, so our interstellar connection does not cease to inspire and lets your inner galaxy know that you are not alone in this tangled, beautiful, vast and ever-expanding creative universe. - Nadezda

Navigator - oil on 28” x 40” panel

Navigator - oil on 28” x 40” panel