When I was a young art student, I remember the feeling when some of my favorite living artists would share their newest work and thoughts online through their websites or blogs (which does not happen as often now, as most of the existing artists sharing online switched to the platforms with a more immediate and brief update option).

Back then it was a little celebration every time I would read and re-read their thoughtful posts with precious keyholes into their lives as artists. I felt I am not alone and was profoundly inspired. I bookmarked them, came back to them the next day, and may be a day or a week after – especially the ones that were so carefully put together, written with heart and care, which gave my starving art mind new healthy protein for creative thought. There was mystery and intimacy - like lighting a candle in a dark cold room…

So here I am – reviving for myself the outdated etiquette of art sharing through blogs and journals. It is the closest way of journaling I can think of when it comes to sharing online what is going on behind my studio doors and in my notebooks. Please subscribe to my mailing list to be updated with an email about the new post (all mail pigeons have retired long time ago, I am afraid) .

Thank you for your attentive eyes and ears, for your time, love and support!