A short preview video for Nadezda's show Fly-By-Night with Haven Gallery in New York.

Created by: Jeremy Mann

With music by:


Created by Jeremy Mann.

The thoughts, dreams, and soul of an artist is the elusive "vision" of which everyone wishes to know. There is more effort and existence in the moments, nights, months and years before a piece of art is even begun to take its physical form. This final physical form is a mere blink in the life of the art itself, a blink that lasts forever, a glimpse into the soul of the artist. There is no magical moment of discovery in watching them create the physical thing, the true wonder resides buried within, if you wish to know those sacred secrets which pulse in the artist's heart upon that strange inner stage, even a glimpse is a more worthwhile venture.

Shot for the upcoming “Four Dames Show” at Spoke Art in San Francisco opening on March 4th, 2017 with Nadezda, Ximena Rendon, Eliza Ivanova, and Karla Ortiz.

Created by Jeremy Mann

Music by Kammarheit

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Come to the dinner party and play a game of Duck, Duck, Goose with your favorite spirit animal, the Babbit.

Trailer for the upcoming Solo show by the artist Nadezda at Spoke Art in San Francisco, opening on August 4th, 2018 from 6-8pm where the 50 best dressed attendees will receive a free, unique, one of a kind, original drawing by the artist.. no prints, just good free art in humble appreciation of your humble appreciation.

Film Director: Jeremy Mann

With music from the incredibly inspiring:
Atrium Carceri -
Cities Last Broadcast -
God Body Disconnect -
available here by Cryo Chamber.

The Conductor - trailer 2018

In 2017/18 I got a chance to be a part of a feature film “The Conductor” created by the artist Jeremy Mann. It was a beautiful journey through the dreamscape world that is a metaphor of the eternal artistic struggle. To see the full-length movie:

Note from the director:

* Please read all the important information below *

The music chosen for this film is as important as the visuals themselves, and neither had precedence over the other, but informed and flowed around themselves together during its creation. Without the creative brilliance and open generosity of these two gentlemen below, the film would not have been made.



Simon Heath of ATRIUM CARCERI, SABLED SUN, and the CRYO CHAMBER label.